Key features

C-10 Probetester

The C-10 Probetester is simple to operate with easy to understand functions.

The operator places the probe into the equipment, pushes the start button and the rest of the process is automated. After a completed operating cycle the C-10 Probetester prints a receipt that verifies if the probe successfully passed the different processes.

The C-10 Probetester works in two cycles. During the first cycle the probe is tested for electrical leakage while in disinfection solution. The second cycle rinses the probe with clean water. An optional cycle - enzymatic prewash - enables the user to prewash the probe before the disinfection and rinsing process.

Equipment settings can easily be adjusted according to the type of process recommended by the probe manufacturer and to local hospital infection control regulations and standards. A self-disinfection program for the equipment, using an alternative disinfection solution, is included in the system.

C-10 Probetester is intended for probes without channels. Standard versions are designed for Transesophagus (TEE/TOE) probes.


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